service department

Factory Authorized Service And Genuine Parts

The Lotus car is beyond doubt a product of superior quality, designed with integrity to the highest attention to detail. As cars have become more complex, the need for further training and development of special analysis tools have increased. Our Lotus Factory Trained and Factory Authorized service technicians are constantly trained and updated on the latest models, techniques and tools to enable quick and correct repairs. Furthermore, each and every part is designed, developed and produced with the greatest care to ensure the very best in terms of safety, performance and reliability.

To ensure these remain during the whole ownership cycle, we recommend the use of Lotus genuine Parts and Accessories fitted by a Lotus Authorized Repairer.

The intervals between service schedules have been set with the aim of maintaining the car's high standards of roadworthiness, reliability and running economy as well as ensuring that it has the lowest possible environmental impact. On each occasion that your car is serviced, the details will be entered into the record section which certifies that a Quality Assured Dedicated Service has been performaed and signed by the technician. This is proof that work has been carried out and is a guarantee of quality, which adds to the trade-in value when you come to sell it.

Service work carried out at correct intervals by qualified technicians at an authorized Lotus Repairer will assure the validity of the car's service history and might influence its market value